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About Affordable Self Load Containers

Affordable Self Load Containers is a family owned and operated business. We specialise in renting, selling and relocating shipping containers around NZ. The safe transportation of your effects is our main focus.

Our team is here to help you complete your self-move as simply and cheaply as possible.

An affordable and flexible way to move your items NZ wide. If you are moving house our popular self load container service can save you a fortune. Unlike a standard removal company service, we supply you a shipping container for you to pack, then we move it to your new home for you to unpack.

Customers looking for a low-cost moving option should consider using the self load shipping container service. We make the whole process as easy as possible - especially on your wallet.

You have up to three days free use of the container at both origin and destination. Your personal effects will be safe and secure inside the padlocked container.

We have lots of information we can give you to help you take the uncertainty and stress out of moving home. You will have your quote within one business day.

Self Load Containers

New Zealand Wide Container Relocations



Services we offer

Using a shipping container to relocate within NZ is an inexpensive and reliable way to relocate between most major locations in NZ.

We deliver either a 20 or 40 foot container depending on your requirements, We take care of all council permits etc.. leave with you for 2-3 days to pack and return to transport the container to your new destination, we allow you 2-3 days to unpack the container (if you require longer , no problem) then return to collect the empty container.

All you need to do is put on your own padlock to secure the container. We do not require the key as the only person who has access to the container once sealed is you.


  • Shipping container - 20 foot storage container

    20 Foot Container

    20 ft Wind and Water tight condition.
    Prices from $3400.00 inc GST

  • Shipping container - 40 foot storage container

    40 Foot Container

    40 ft Wind and Water tight condition.
    Prices from $4200.00 inc GST

  • Shipping container - 40 foot storage container

    Rent to Buy

    40 ft $1000 deposit $80 per week
    $4500 total purchase price

    20 ft $500 deposit $60 per week
    $3500 total purchase price

    Additional Delivery fee. Terms & Conditions apply

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